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Released January 10th, 2023

A manual to rock life for Latter-day Saints
by Susie McGann

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You on Purpose:
Rocking this Earth-life Thing While Becoming the Person of Your Dreams

In You on Purpose learn how to
  • Take life by the horns and let yourself be great unashamedly.

  • Partner with God and draw upon His life-transforming powers to multiply your success.

  • Overcome doubts, insecurities, and challenges that hold you back from truly rocking it.

We were not divinely created as children of God to settle for less than what's possible. We each have a birthright, and it is for greatness. Stand up and seize it.


It’s not the time to settle for less than what’s possible. We each have a birthright, and it is for greatness. Stand up and seize it.

Lori Holyoak, Self-Coaching for the LDS Soul

Take control of your life! Susie McGann's insights and stories will inspire you to be the best version of YOU! She shares HOW to catch the vision, WHO you want on your team, and WHAT to expect when living big!

Mary Bell, The Pursuit of Happi-nest

Susie McGann is a witty, fun, and smart author who knows her spiritual stuff... I think anyone could profit from reading this uplifting and motivating book. Choc a block with personal and historical examples, you will find yourself nodding along as you read, with "aha" moments and fire in your belly to live "on purpose."

My Story

I have always been a self-help enthusiast and I believe that the power of the gospel is the key to living a deliberate life. With this book, I show Latter-day Saints how the gospel holds the principles we need to live bigger and become better.

Professionally, I am an English language teacher. This job has taken me all around the world including to both the Marriott School of Business and the Student Development department at BYU where I taught for three years as an adjunct professor.


In 2021, my husband and I left our location-dependent jobs and are currently slow traveling the world with our five boys.


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