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Welcome to my page.

You on Purpose was written over a span of three years in fifteen minute chunks as I juggled school, work, and parenting. It wasn’t until I was on bedrest expecting my 4th and 5th children, however, that I hunkered down and got my jumbled ideas ready for publication.

I have always been a self-help enthusiast and I believe that the power of the gospel is the key to living a deliberate life. With this book, I show Latter-day Saints how the gospel holds the principles we need to live bigger and become better.

Professionally, I am an English language teacher. This job has taken me all around the world as well as to the Marriott School of Business and Student Development department where I taught for three years as an adjunct professor. After our twins were born, my husband and I left our traditional jobs and are currently slow traveling the world with our five boys.

Connect with me on Instagram: @susiemcgann

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